JAV Heating and Plumbing Engineers are Peterborough’s leading heating company, providing a quality service to all of clients, whether you be commercial or domestic within the area of Peterborough. Having over 40 years’ of experience in the industry of Heating and Boiler Installations, servicing and repairs, JAV Heating and Plumbing Engineers always set quality of service along with safety as a priority. Through the use of all of this, we have built a envious reputation in the area of Peterborough due to the quality of all the work that we do. We understand that your boiler is one of the most important systems in your home, so it is only the right thing to do to hire the professionals to deal with such a vital part of your household. JAV Heating and Plumbing Engineers are able to offer you a boiler installation service at extremely competitive prices. Having a new boiler installed involves many different tasks and the first thing that we will need to do is give you a quote a identify what it is that you are looking for. We are able to install both gas and oil boilers as we hold the required certification to do so; we are Gas Safe Register engineers along with being OFTEC Certified. Once we have come identified which boiler is best suited to you, we will begin work on the installation of your new boiler in the spot that has been designated. This will involve connecting to pumps, pipes to your radiators and water outlets, and your cold water mains supply. There also may be connections to hot and cold water storage tanks as well, if required. Dependant upon the boiler choice, installation time will vary, however, we will usually give you an estimation. With all the work that we carry out throughout your boiler installation, we will always make sure that the area we are working in is kept as clean as possible in order to take up as little space as possible and we will always leave the workspace the way it was when we arrived. This added onto our quality of service is what has led to us building such a revered reputation in the area of Peterborough. Once it is that we have installed your brand new boiler, we offer a aftercare maintenance service in order to make sure that your newly installed boiler is operating at maximum efficiency. Through the use of this, it will make sure that your boiler will last for years to come with our annual boiler service. So when you are in need of the professionals to install you a brand new boiler in the area of Peterborough then be sure to give us a call using the number under the contact us tab or alternatively you can fill out the contact form with your request and contact details and we will reply to you as soon as possible.